New Generation Wrestling (NGW) has been exciting crowds for over 6 years now with it's unique breed of wrestling talent and focus on creating a new generation of wrestling. When we opened our doors on 16 May 2008, that night we made a statement that we would be fresh, exciting and bold and we have been living up to that statement ever since. NGW is located at Eastmount Centre in East Hull, a place that many have now dubbed "the home of NGW" and throughout the years, the fans of NGW have seen the shows evolve around the Eastmount Centre, creating atmospheres that rival any other company in Britain.

NGW takes pride in the fact that we have opened doors for many young talents and given them the platform to showcase their amazing talents. This has further been proven by the opening of our NGW Training Academy ram in association with the British Wrestling Council, which allows us to run top quality training with regular training from the best of the best in British wrestling including highly acclaimed wrestler El Ligero, who NGW can proudly claim as our Head Trainer!

People who have followed us from the early days will be able to attest to how much we have evolved and the fact that NGW is evolving even further as time progresses. Our shows are constantly raising the bar and with a roster that keeps increasing in notoriety, NGW shows are certainly an exciting place to be.

This is why this website is such an interesting tool for old and new fans alike. Allow yourself time to view the NGW roster and discover the impressive talent that we showcase. Or take a look at our YouTube channel which allows you to view many of the highlights from previous shows and also some of the best matches that NGW has hosted. But the website does not provide the complete experience; the only way you can do that is by heading down to one of our many shows at the Eastmount Centre and experience the New Generation of Wrestling for yourself!