Proving Ground 31 Beverley 9 April 2016

Images are (C) Copyright Chris Evers 2016 1) Dara Diablo def. Mei Hi in 9:31. 2) The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder w/ Richie West) had a "tune up" match with academy members, Satchel Jones & Chris Hawk, which ended in the Control members being DQ'ed after Richie West give Hawk a low blow in just 2:28. Following a beat down after the decision, Ace Matthews & David Graves ran out for assistance and chased off the Proven 3) JD Boom (w/ Kev Cash) & Liam Slater beat the Rogues Gallery (Leon Mercer & Stan Kellett) in 10:40. Cash had been "kidnapped" by the Rouges before the match but soon returned to his corner. Near the start of the match, Liam Slater was attacked by Baz Ban with Rory Coil and the two brawled to the back, leaving Boom in a handicap match for the majority of the bout. However, Super Hungry appeared on scene and helped JD win the match. 4) 'The Primemate' Jason Prime bested Mickey 'The Dragon' in 11:58. 5) Bás Bán (w/ Rory Coyle) destroyed Reece Riley in 2:14. Baz Ban continued to attack Riley after the match until Liam Slater reemerged. Baz Ban and Coil eventually left the premises. 6) The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder w/ Richie West) def. 'the 60 minute man' David Graves & Ace Matthews in 11:56. Thanks to everyone who attended. We shall return on the 6th of August!