A New Dawn 2015

02nd August 2015
Pudsey Civic Hall, Pudsey, West Yorkshire


- 8-Man Tag Team Match -
The Control ('The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins, Rampage Brown & The Proven) vs. Team NGW (Colossus Kennedy, Liam Slater, 'The Amazing' Matt Myers & NGW Undisputed Champion Nathan Cruz)

- NGW Undisputed Championship Match -
'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz (c) vs. 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins

- 'The Righteous' Joseph Conners vs. Robbie X

- 3-Way GenX League Qualifier Match -
Ashton Smith vs. Bubblegum vs. 'Flash' Morgan Webster

- NGW Tag Team Champions The London Riots vs. Colossus Kennedy & Liam Slater

- Hair vs. Hair Match -
Dara Diablo vs. 'The Amazing' Matt Myers


The Control came out to the ring and Richie West announced that 'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz would be putting the NGW Undisputed Championship on the line against 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins in the show's opener. The champion came out and the bell rang for the beginning of the match. The referee ordered the rest of The Control to leave the ringside area, but Richie West claimed he would stay as manager.

NGW Undisputed Championship Match:
'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz (c) def. 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins by Disqualification after the champion was attacked by The Proven.

Following the match, Richie West announced the night's main event would be an 8-man tag team match between The Control and any four members of Team NGW.

Hair vs. Hair Match:
'The Crown Prince of Betrayal' Dara Diablo def. 'The Amazing' Matt Myers by Pinfall

Diablo won by hitting a low blow on Myers while the referee was distracted.

After the match, Diablo shaved his own head instead of Myers'.

Non-title Tag Team Match:
Colossus Kennedy & Liam Slater def. NGW Tag Team Champions The London Riots by Pinfall

3-Way GenX League Qualifier Match:
Bubblegum (w/ Chardonnay) def. Ashton Smith & 'Flash' Morgan Webster by Pinfall

Singles Match:
'The Righteous' Joseph Conners def. Robbie X by Pinfall

8-Man Tag Team Match:
The Control (Caz Crash, Sam Wilder, Rampage Brown & 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins) def. Team NGW (Colossus Kennedy, Liam Slater, 'The Amazing' Matt Myers & NGW Undisputed Champion Nathan Cruz) by Pinfall

At the end of the night, Caz Crash re-entered the ring, where he was attacked by Nathan Cruz, Matt Myers and Colossus Kennedy.

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