Proving Ground 29: Ormskirk

14th November 2015
Ormskirk Civic Hall, Ormskirk, Liverpool


- NGW Undisputed Championship Match -
The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz vs. CJ Banks

- Team Yorkshire (Dan Evans, Dann Wrightson & Reece Ryan) vs. The Rogues Gallery & 'The Amazing' Matt Myers

- Caz Crash vs. 'Liverpool's No. 1' Zack Gibson

- Ace Matthews vs. Dave Graves

- Dan Evans vs. Liam Slater


Singles Match
Liam Slater def. Dan Evans by Pinfall

Singles Match
Dave Graves def. Ace Matthews by Pinfall

Caz Crash took the microphone and promised Zack Gibson would regret not joining The Control.

Singles Match
'Liverpool's No.1' Zack Gibson def. Caz Crash by Submission

During the match, Caz Crash suffered a low blow by a young fan picked from the audience by Gibson.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Team Yorkshire (Dan Evans, Dann Wrightson & Reece Ryan) def. 'The Amazing' Matt Myers & The Rogues' Gallery (Leon Marvell & Stan Kellit) by Pinfall

CJ Banks declared that he would not compete in the scheduled main event unless Nathan Cruz put his NGW Undisputed Championship on the line. The Showstealer accepted the challenge.

NGW Undisputed Championship Match
'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz def. 'The Juice' CJ Banks by Pinfall to retain the NGW Undisputed Championship

Caz Crash showed up in an effort to assist CJ Banks, but Zack Gibson came to Cruz' aid.