Full Force 2016

30th January 2016
Pudsey Civic Hall

- NGW Undisputed Championship Match -
'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz (c) vs. Lionheart

Sam Wilder V Stixx

- Gen X Rules -
Mike 'Wildboar' Hitchman V 'Flash' Morgan Webster

- Number 1 Contendership -
Rampage Brown V Zack Gibson

- Dara Diablo & Joseph Conners vs. Liam Slater & El Ligero

- Gen X Championship -
Bubblegum (c) V Matt Myers


NGW GenX Championship – Bubblegum vs ‘The Amazing’ Matt Myers ended in a Draw* after the 10-minute time-limit was reached. Bubblegum retain the NGW GenX Championship.

*Matt Myers was in the process of pinning Bubblegum as the time-limit expired.

Following the match, Matt Myers pleaded with the referee. Myers then offered Bubblegum £500 of his own money for 5 extra minutes. As Bubblegum considered the offer, Lionheart attacked Matt Myers from behind. After multiple attacks, Lionheart called out Nathan Cruz, claiming that if he was a real friend then he would help Matt Myers. As Lionheart set Matt Myers up for one more slam, Nathan Cruz ran to the ring, causing Lionheart to retreat.

Dara Diablo & ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners (w/ Lillith) defeated Liam Slater & ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero by Pinfall*.

*During the match, Lillith enticed Liam Slater’s brother who was sat in the front row. The distraction lead to Joseph Conners pinning Liam Slater.

NGW Undisputed Championship Number One Contender – Rampage Brown vs ‘Liverpool’s No.1’ Zack Gibson ended in a Double Disqualification* after both men used steel chairs.

*During the match, The Proven came to the ring leading to Zack Gibson bringing a chair into the ring. Rampage Brown countered by bringing his own chair into the ring.

Following the match, Zack Gibson hit Rampage Brown with a steel chair.

‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman defeated ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster by Pinfall*.

*During the match, Bubblegum and Chardonnay attempted to distract Mike Hitchman.

‘The Heavyweight House Of Pain’ Stixx defeated Sam Wilder (w/ Caz Crash & Richie West) by Pinfall*.

*During the match, Richie West was sent to the back after being caught grabbing the ankle of Stixx.

Following the match, Caz Crash challenged Stixx to a match which Stixx accepted.

Caz Crash defeated ‘The Heavyweight House Of Pain’ Stixx by Pinfall*.

*Sam Wilder interfered in the match which lead to Caz Crash’s win.

NGW Undisputed Championship – ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz defeated Lionheart by Pinfall to retain the NGW Undisputed Championship.

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