2nd Anniversary Show 2010

06th June 2010
Eastount Recreation Centre, Hull

-'Showstealer' Match-
Alex Shane VS 'Prima Donna' Nathan Cruz

-Xander Cooper VS Swedish Tigress

-Two Out Of Three Falls Match-
Matt Myers VS 'Textbook' Dave Breaks

-NGW Championship-
El Ligero VS Martin Kirby VS Sam Bailey VS Colossus Kennedy VS Jack Gallagher

-Dara Diablo VS Cameron Kraze

-SC Supreme & Jospeh Conners VS The Storr Brothers


Tag Team Match:
SC Supreme & Jospeh Conners def. The Storr Brothers by pinfall

Singles Match:
Cameron Kraze def. Dara Diablo by pinfall

NGW Championship Match:
Sam Bailey def. Martin Kirby, El Ligero, Colossus Kennedy & Jack Gallagher to win the vacant NGW Championship

Two Out Of Three Falls Match:
'Textbook' Dave Breaks def. Matt Myers by two falls to one

Singles Match:
Swedish Tigress def. Xander Cooper by submission

'Showstealer' Match:
'Prima Donna' Nathan Cruz def. Alex Shane for the rights to Shane's 'Showstealer' monicker


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