The Battle for Control

By NGW Admin
Posted On 20-06-2016 12:19 GMT


For three long years, starting with the return of Rampage Brown and his destruction of Nathan Cruz, NGW has been haunted by The Control, a select group of individuals led by Richie West. With Mark Haskins, Caz Crash and Sam Wilder as instrumental components in The Control, West has waged a war of attrition against NGW and itsbrightest stars, using his political and financial power to secure the choicest of spots for his personal mercenaries and ensuring that the group remains in control.

The Fifth Anniversary show was a devastating moment for The Showstealer Nathan Cruz as the attack from Rampage Brown sidelined him for a whole year. It wasn't a wasted year for the man who would go on to become the NGW Undisputed Champion - he spent his time planning the demise of his former manager, Richie West, and each member of The Control. He's face and defeated them all individually, but he knows that this war will only end when he destroys them as a collective.

The plan is complete - Nathan Cruz has worked with NGW management, many of whom have questioned the motives of West, and an army has been chosen.

Joining Nathan Cruz in Team NGW will be The Amazing Matt Myers, The Mexican Sensation El Ligero and Liam Slater as they face all four members of The Control in an eight-man tag team match.

If Team NGW win, The Control must disband with immediate effect.

If The Control win, the NGW Undisputed Championship will become the property of The Control.

This epic encounter has to be seen LIVE - buy your tickets for our return to Hull City Hall on Saturday 16 July from or Hull Box Office.

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