Diablo Vs Slater - Keighley

By NGW Admin
Posted On 01-03-2016 11:02 GMT

In recent months, the constant psychological torment from Joseph Conners and his allies has taken its toll on Liam Slater, with the fan favourite showing cracks in his upbeat demeanour, whilst still demonstrating that he's a bright star in the future of British wrestling.

Dara Diablo has been on a single-minded quest to destroy 'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero, eclipsing other stars of NGW in a wave of destruction. Now, allied with Joseph Conners, Diablo has become far more dangerous and his fury farther reaching, whether he's working in tandem with The Righteous One or as the lone wolf he has become.

The battlefield has changed since Slater and Diablo last crossed paths, with friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends. With Conners and Diablo involved in a war on sanity, the Battle Lines are drawn on Sunday 6th March in Keighley as Liam Slater and Dara Diablo forge their own futures.

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