Kellit vs Steel set for Proving Ground

Posted On 15-10-2018 12:08 GMT

Stan Kellit has a singular focus in NGW, proving that the NGW North East school is better than their Yorkshire based counterparts and he's set his sight on proving his point in any way possible. With Leon Mercer at ringside, Kellit will be in singles action at Proving Ground on October 21 and could very well find himself with the biggest challenge of his career so far.

Lucas Steel, by contrast, has no allegiances. Trained at NGW Hull, he considers himself The Standout for a reason; he believes himself to be better, brighter and a bigger star than anything produced by either NGW school and he doesn't care who he faces as he continues his unstoppable quest for greatness. 

On October 21, two men set on dominance will collide and only one shall stand victorious. Tickets are available for our NGW Proving Ground debut at Pelton Community Centre from .