Cyanide joins the gauntlet

Posted On 04-05-2018 07:22 GMT

The first ever NGW Champion wasn't impressed by the antics of, amongst others, Matt Myers when NGW returned to Eastmount Centre for NGW Homecoming.

The monstrous Cyanide made his position quite clear - disgusted by those who claim to be "NGW Originals" when they all followed in the future that he created. Now, Cyanide will return to NGW for its epic 10th Anniversary Show and will face others who he feels should exist in his shadow.

Could Cyanide's entrance in the NGW 10th Anniversary Gauntlet Match see this monster secure an NGW Championship opportunity, enhancing his reign of terror? And who amongst the past and future champions could stop him?

Join us this Sunday for our return to Hull City Hall.

The gauntlet match line-up also includes 'The Amazing' Matt Myers, Screwface, Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum, El Ligero, Rampage Brown and 'The Unique' Jake McCluskey.

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