NGW Homecoming results

Posted On 10-04-2018 09:31 GMT

In full results from the show held on Saturday April 7 2018 at the Eastmount Centre in Hull...

Ace Matthews beat Conor Renshaw to win the first ever NGW Proving Ground Championship

This saw the North East & Hull training school divide increase further as members of each school got involved to assist their representatives. Ace Matthews' tag team partner in Team Sports, Dave Graves, currently out with a serious knee injury, came out with a steel chair to even the odds to allow Ace Matthews to fairly become the first ever Proving Ground Champion.

NGW founder and Myers attacked!

As Matt Myers tried to honour the founder of NGW, Luke Ingamells, he was interrupted by first ever NGW Champion, Cyanide. The Toxic Terror proceeded to attack both men and put a damper on the show's celebration atmosphere.

Rampage Brown pinned Robbie X with his feet on the ropes

Los Amigos - El Ligero and Dara Diablo defeated The Rogues Gallery

After an attempted reunion between the first ever NGW tag team champions was turned down by Diablo and he left the ring, upstart tag team Rogues Gallery came out and ran down El Ligero and began an attack that eventually turned into a handicap match. Ligero managed to come back to hold his own for a few minutes, until the number advantage looked like it was too much. That was until the famous old Los Amigos entrance music played and Diablo ran back out and jumped on the apron and held out his hand calling for the tag from his old partner. The two rolled back the years, featuring many double teams not seen since their old Tag Team Championship days. 

Nathan Cruz defeated Sam Bailey to retain the NGW Undisputed Championship

Chaos! A match that involved Richie West getting hit with a briefcase, Cruz's old waterboy, Kev Cash taken out by a Bailey tope, interference from both Rampage Brown and a returning Colossus, a steel chair, and LEGO.

Chuck Wood won the Matt Myers Invitational Rumble

The newcomer Chuck Wood - who didn't half look familiar - managed to get the win on his debut, lastly eliminating Cyanide. The rumble saw faces from the past, present and future of NGW, including NGW founder Luke Ingamells (extracting revenge on Cyanide) as well as NGW originals and now referees James Tyler & Adam James Bullivant.