Maxted and Steel collide

Posted On 16-11-2018 13:31 GMT

Adam Maxted has become a stand out in NGW, with fans from across the country eager to see what the 6'3" powerhouse is going to do next as he gets closer to NGW gold with each passing match. He's demonstrated that he has all the assets necessary to become a champion - heart, determination and a relentless quest for greatness that is apparent from the second he steps into the ring. 

Lucas Steel, by contrast, knows that he is the true Stand Out. Towering over Maxted at 6'6", Lucas Steel is a true titan of British wrestling and has become renowned for his ability to stop opponents in their tracks with ruthless ferocity. Well aware that it's only a matter of time before he gets his hands on NGW gold himself, Steel is relishing every opportunity to extinguish the competition.

On Sunday, November 25 at Victoria Hall in Keighley, two of NGW's most powerful men will face either other in a match that could determine their futures as NGW presents Collision Course.

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