Looking back at British Wrestling Weekly Season 5

Posted On 30-03-2018 10:47 GMT

When Season 4 of British Wrestling Weekly came to its conclusion, Matt Myers had just won the NGW Undisputed Championship from his lifelong best friend Nathan Cruz.

Fast forward to the shocking conclusion of Season 5 and suddenly the tables were turned as Cruz stabbed Myers in the back to regain the NGW Undisputed Title in a turn of events few saw coming, but in hindsight could be traced back right to the beginning of the TV series.

Season 5 began with a recap of Cruz losing by countout to the manipulative Joseph Conners and thus having to forfeit his rematch chance against Myers. In Week 2 'The Showstealer' made his feelings clear, he was entering the Destiny rumble aiming to win and earn back his title shot.

But in the meantime, his unlikely alliance with former rival Zack Gibson took centre stage. Liverpool's Number 1, the inaugural Davey Boy Smith Memorial Cup winner, joined forces with Cruz to defeat then-NGW Tag Team Champions Insane Fight Club (Joe Hendry and Kid Fite) in a non-title bout. It seemed the longtime enemies were finally on the same page.

Meanwhile the champion Myers had his sights set on Conners, whose dark presence had been felt at the end of Matt's title victory over Cruz, ruining a poignant moment for the champion as he and his friend shared the spotlight in front of their home city crowd in Hull.

In Week 4 Matt faced 'The Righteous One' with the championship on the line and received assistance from an unlikely source, as Conners' slave Liam Slater finally snapped and smashed his 'owner' in the back with a steel chair, allowing the hometown favourite to retain after a Myers Stunner.

Week 6 saw the Destiny Rumble unfold, and it was Slater who well and truly came out from under Conners' shadow to eliminate Joseph's brutal ally Screwface and win the title shot. But Nathan Cruz was left frustrated once again, as both he and another former NGW champion Rampage Brown were eliminated by Gibson, who had already been eliminated himself. 

As Cruz complained about his loss, and Gibson reminded 'The Showstealer' that the rumble had been every man for himself, Slater was the one who capitalised to pick up the title shot. But in Week 10 it was Conners who instead claimed the championship opportunity, his argument being that as he still 'owned' Liam he also 'owned' the title chance his protege had earned. 

Although Slater did manage to defeat Screwface that night to pick up his first ever singles win in NGW, it was later announced that in actual fact Cruz and Rampage - having been unfairly eliminated from the rumble - would be entered into a three corners bout with Myers for the Undisputed Title at Ultimate Showdown.

Week 12, the Season Finale, and it began with news that Cruz had been assaulted backstage and rushed to hospital. This brought out the opportunistic Conners, who entered himself into the match in Cruz's place. As NGW executive producer Mark 'The Beast' Labbett had gone to the hospital to check on Nathan, there was nobody to stop 'The Righteous One' from seizing the title opportunity he believed was righteously his. So the match began as Myers v Conners v Rampage. 

As the bout unfolded at a frenetic pace, suddenly Richie West made a surprise return to NGW, interfering in the match. As did Screwface, who blew mist in Myers' eyes, only for Slater to charge down to ringside and drive Screwface off. But just as Conners appeared to have Myers beaten, Nathan Cruz appeared, having made what appeared to be a miraculous recovery. 'The Showstealer' took out 'The Righteous One', then stood in the ring with a battered and blinded Myers, and Rampage, ready to start the Ultimate Showdown match that was supposed to happen in the first place.

But then Cruz left the packed-out Hull City Hall crowd stunned as he turned and kicked Myers in the groin. Then as Rampage simply stood and watched, Nathan delivered the Show Stolen to pin his friend and take the Undisputed Title for the third time.

And so Season 5 ended with Cruz aligned with his former sworn enemy Rampage Brown and his former manager Richie West - who had perhaps plotted the whole scheme. 'The Showstealer' had shockingly turned his back on Matt Myers and the NGW fans to regain his place at the pinnacle of New Generation Wrestling.

So the scene is set for Season 6 of British Wrestling Weekly. And with Cruz as champion, Myers clearly out for revenge, the master manipulator Conners still in the mix, Slater determined to rid himself of Conners once and for all, and with Zack Gibson and Justin 'The Hammer' Sysum having qualified for the second Davey Boy Smith Memorial Cup, there are clearly exciting times ahead in the battle to reach the top in NGW.

Plus we have new NGW Tag Team Champions in The Proven - after their victory over Insane Fight Club in Week 9. What's more, Robbie X is clearly knocking at the door of the GenX Championship after his thrilling victory over Will Ospreay in Week 7. But then again the same can be said for 'Superbad' Kip Sabian after his controversial debut win over El Ligero in Week 11.

To catch up with all the action from Season 5 of British Wrestling Weekly, you can watch every single episode here http://www.ngwuk.com/videos.php

And look out for Season 6 coming soon!