The Proven to defend against Riot Squad

Posted On 13-06-2018 15:40 GMT

The Manager of Champions, Gilligan Gordon, has got his eyes set on gold for his clients, The Riot Squad, and he has negotiated a huge opportunity for Caden Lay and Sami Koivu as NGW returns to Hull City Hall on June 23.

The current tag team champions, The Proven, have held the NGW Tag Team Championships with pride as NGW's favourite underdog tag team. Caz Crash and Sam Wilder have faced tough competition and managed to come out on top thanks to their exceptional skill as a team, their closeness as friends and a "never quit" attitude that has driven them since their very first match in NGW.

On June 23 at Hull City Hall, the NGW Tag Team Championship will be on the line at Ultimate Showdown, and this match will live up to that name!

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