Robbie X faces Renshaw at Collision Course

Posted On 16-11-2018 13:28 GMT

Robbie is one of the most must-see highfliers in British wrestling today and cemented in place as one of the UK's top performers on ITV's WOS Wrestling. Familiar to wrestling fans across the country for more than a decade, this newly invigorated Robbie X is proving to be an unstoppable force as he moves like lightning and whips up a storm wherever he goes.

Conor Renshaw is one of the most ambitious young wrestlers in NGW, taking his no nonsense attitude across the North East of England and looking for that perfect opportunity to do what he does best, destroy the dreams of others to make his own come true.

Now these two individuals with very different styles and attitudes will come face-to-face in singles competition at NGW Collision Course at Victoria Hall in Keighley.

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