Nathan Cruz

Hometown: East Riding of Yorkshire

Finishing Move: Show Stolen

Nickname: The Showstealer

There was a period of time when Nathan Cruz was a true fan favourite, the embodiment of a British wrestling champion, a beacon of hope to respect and revere. Then he lost the NGW Undisputed Championship to his best friend The Amazing Matt Myers, and something changed.

Setting himself on a dangerous course, Cruz reminded people just why this veteran of British wrestling was a man to be feared, leading to him taking the NGW Undisputed Championship from Matt Myers in questionable circumstances and siding with his former manager, Richie West, and a man who has been his nemesis for years, Rampage Brown.

To add to the humiliation of others, Cruz also took Bubblegum's girlfriend Chardonnay from him, adding to his growing entourage.

With gold on one shoulder and Chardonnay on the other, the fortunes of the championship are firmly in the hands of Nathan Cruz and he is going to steal the show from anyone who challenges him.


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