Liam Slater

A man who is already making waves across the North of England, Liam Slater is a talent that wrestling fans will be clamouring to see in the next few years.  As talented as he is charismatic, Slater has recently seen his first televised victories and looks set to have a bright future in NGW and British wrestling.

Though he may be the dark focus of Joseph Conners, destroying his friendship with Dan James, there can be no doubt that Slater continues to shine brightly, as his growing popularity with his fans shows.

Date of Birth: October 7th

Training: NGW Academy

Professional debut:  June 2012

Key Moments: Debuting at NGW Ambition

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 1lb more than his opponent

Finish: Lazabuster (suplex lift into a cutter)

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