When does the NGW Wrestling Training School run?

We have various sessions running across a week, from beginners to juniors to advanced. The timetable is available by clicking on the training button avoce. If you have any questions about the scheduling please contact

Beginners sessions are an EXTRA to normal classes so people shouldnt be put off coming to the main adult classes for the first time.


Where is the NGW Training School and how do I get there?


The NGW Wrestling Academy is based at:
17H Lake Enterprise Park
Bergen Way

The Academy is situated close to the Ennerdale Leisure Centre on Sutton Park in Hull. You can get a number 28 bus from Hull Interchange and get off at Ennerdale Leisure Centre (just after the iron bridge).

Kingswood Retail Park is around a 15 minute walk away which has many different buses stopping at their large bus stop.

If you need any more information, please contact and we'll be more than happy to help!



Who are the trainers?

Head trainer at the NGW Wrestling Academy is one of the top wrestlers in the country, El Ligero. El Ligero travels from his base in Leeds every week for the session and is one of the very best the country has to offer. He is assisted by NGW success story, Nathan Cruz. Regular roster members from NGW such as Colossus Kennedy, Matt Myers, Dara Diablo and Caz Crash are also on hand to assist when required.

From time to time, guest trainers from UK or international wrestling will hold one-off seminars. These in the past have included the likes of former WWE & WCW stars Fit Finlay, Dave Taylor, Katie-Lea (TNA's Winter), current WWE Eurpoean Head Talent Scout Robbie Brookside and current TNA head trainer Doug Williams.




How do I apply to train?

All you have to do is simply turn up at our one of our sessions and get stuck in! If you have ny questions, you can email us at

Sessions cost £10 or £5 for any additional sessions that week or £20 for a weekly membership gives you access to all the classes that week. (Our weeks start on Wednesdays and finish on Tuesdays)





Do I need to be physically fit in order to train?

Wrestling is physically demanding and the training will reflect this. Therefore it is recommended and that students keep themselves in the best possible physical condition. This shouldn't put people off from coming down and trying a session as phsycial fitness will improve while training and extra fitness work can happen alongside a regular programme of training.

Our trainers will happily give advice on physical fitness and diet.





Why should I go to wrestling training?

Aside from the opportunity to become a professional wrestler, wrestling training has many other benefits. It is ideal for anyone who wants to keep fit, lose weight, get in shape and feel good about themselves. It is also great for self-discipline, developing your personality and identity, and also a fantastic way to meet new like-minded people.

NGW has always been friendly and family like community since its inception and will continue to be so. We're always looking for new members to join the family.





What should I wear for training sessions?

Loose fitting clothing such as t-shirt and jogging pants or tracksuit bottoms, with trainers, is recommended. After attending their first few sessions, students will also be advised to invest in some elbow pads and knee pads.

The trainers can give advice on recommended stockists.





Are girls welcome to train at the NGW WrestlingTraining School?

Definitely! We have a special female only session that allows a safe and relaxed environment for females to get stuck in. This of course doesn't mean females are excluded from our other sessions, in fact we have many females attending all of our sessions. Females are welcome to all of our sessions but the female only session is there as a little extra.





This wrestling is a bit of a laugh, isn't it? I think I'll come along and lark about.

Professional wrestling is a highly skilled art form and as such, can be dangerous if not done properly. While we would like our students to have fun and enjoy their training, safety—and therefore discipline—is all important.

Therefore, our students should listen closely to the trainers and show them respect and attention at all times.

We offer plenty of opportunities to have fun and we pride oursleve on offering a mix of opportunities.





When will I be able to actually wrestle on a show in front of an audience?

We will be training students of different ages and capabilities. Some students will progress at a faster rate than others. We will therefore assess each student on his or her merits and our team of trainers and mentors will decide when students are ready to progress to NGW shows.

We DO NOT rush students onto shows. We are very careful to give students the grounding the require for a potential long term career and do not encourage people to step into a show environment until they are deemed ready and then they will be protected and kept safe at all times.

We have a series of Academy shows titled 'Proving Ground'. These shows give the opportunity for students to take that first step into working in front of a crowd. It offers an achievable target for all students.





I don't want to actually wrestle, but I want to get involved in the wrestling business in a non-wrestling capacity. What can you offer me?

We would advise any one who wants to break into the professional wrestling business to attend and at least watch training sessions, even if initially you have no intention of pursuing the physical wrestling side long-term. This will allow us to meet you, assess your potential and your personal skills, and give you advice accordingly on how to pursue your individual goals within the wrestling business. If you let us know your long term intentions we can build in opportunities to training sessions to help you progress in whatever role you require.

There may be behind-the-scenes or front-of-house jobs available at NGW Live Events for selected students. These may include being part of our ringside security team, or part of our production team.

If demand requires, we may run one-off seminars for anyone interested in becoming a wrestling referee or manager, or for any other specific job within the wrestling business.





What will the training involve?

All sessions will begin with a warm-up. Initial sessions will focus very much on the basics. This is not a wrestling school where you will learn the Swanton Bomb in your very first week!